CS:GO Prime Account Vs Non-Prime Account – Which Is Right For You?

Are You New to CS:GO and Wondering If It Is Worth Investing In Prime Accounts? While Prime accounts won’t protect against getting banned for using cheats such as wallhacking and aimbotting, they do significantly decrease the number of cheaters in matchmaking and thus decrease chances of bans for illegal behavior like wallhacking or aimbotting.

Prime accounts allow players to participate in Competitive Skill Groups and qualify for item drops. Furthermore, Prime accounts receive weekly XP bonuses. You can buy csgo accounts prime from iGVault.


CS:GO is free-to-play, while Prime is an optional upgrade that adds additional security measures against cheaters and smurfs. Some players feel it’s worth spending $15 upfront to take advantage of all the extra benefits Prime can bring them.

Prime users benefit from weekly XP rewards that contribute to their account level and unlock new Competitive Skill Groups as well as item drops. They also receive a Service Medal each year that can be added to their profile; an added perk for dedicated gamers.

Another advantage of having a CS:GO Prime Account is more predictable matchmaking, as opponents are likely to share similar skill levels. This can help beginners and experienced players alike advance in the game; especially those looking to climb their rank; the higher up your ranks are, the more money will be earned through matches allowing you to purchase better weapons and cases that could lead to more wins!


If you’re a CSGO enthusiast, opting for a non-Prime Account could save you some money. While you’ll still be able to play the game without participating in ranked matches, Prime status remains worth its cost if you’re competitive player as free cases and level up rewards make up for its costs while decreasing cheaters in games.

However, many players consider the paywall unfair. They feel it serves to gatekeep Valve’s community while simultaneously reducing cheaters and smurf accounts from entering the game. Furthermore, players with Prime Accounts benefit from having their Trust Factor raised higher and are therefore more likely to match with trustworthy players; plus they receive additional information regarding its history and gameplay that helps them decide if it’s suitable.


If you are an active CSGO player, investing $15 one-time fee to upgrade to Prime status could be worth your while. Doing so will give you access to better ranked matchmaking and superior anti-cheat protection; moreover, Prime queues filter out more cheaters and hackers than non-Prime ones.

As much as having a Prime Account will not turn you into an esports pro, it will allow you to enjoy the game much more. No longer will aim botters or wallhackers ruin your ranked matches! Additionally, more matches will become available and provide you with an overall better gaming experience overall.

Non-Prime players can still experience CSGO by joining community servers and private lobbies, purchasing an inexpensive account from Buy Smurf (a reliable online store offering high-quality accounts at budget-friendly prices), or picking up item drops like weapon skins, cases or Operation item drops to enhance their CSGO experience.

Final Words

CS:GO Prime is a paid subscription that gives players certain advantages in matchmaking and game play. Players who purchase this status are only matched against other Prime users in ranked matchmaking, earning more money and items while playing. Furthermore, their status grants access to community servers as well as exclusive skins.

However, many players report encountering cheaters regularly even with Prime enabled. This is likely because cheaters frequently utilize accounts with high steam levels and expensive inventories in order to bypass Prime’s anti-cheat system.

Valve seems to have taken steps to address this problem with their recent update, including new measures that prevent non-Prime players from queuing into official ranked matches and prevent non-Prime players from earning XP, Ranks, Drops or Skill Groups through playtime – potentially an effective measure to curb cheating in-game. This move could reduce cheating significantly.