CSS Exam Syllabus

There are seven groups in CSS exam syllabus. There are 45 subjects in these groups. Each subject carries one paper with 100 marks. It is important to choose the subjects with maximum marks. The candidate must score 40% in all the compulsory papers and at least 33% in all the optional papers. To get a decent score in CSS exam whotimes, you need to take at least three subjects in each group.

CSS stands for Competitive Superior Services. This examination Game Passstonerwired is designed to select the best candidate for the civil services. The test is conducted in phases and tests an applicant’s aptitude, knowledge and skill in different subjects. The applicant must have a sharp mind and be knowledgeable and creative in order to be successful in this examination.

The CSS exam syllabus was last revised in 2015. It reveals the list of subjects and course content in each. The syllabus is a great reference guide for candidates as it helps them choose the right subjects and prepare them for the CSS exam. You’ll also be able to see which optional subjects you should take starsfact.

The CSS exam syllabus is composed of six mandatory subjects and six optional subjects. The CSS exam syllabus has been updated with the new pattern for final paper. To take the exam, you need to score a minimum of 33% in each subject. In addition, you need to score a minimum of 50 marks in Viva VOCs. If you are unable to score high enough, you may have your marks deducted.