Sunscreen Stick – 6 Reasons to Have One In Your Bag

When you were last in your local drug store aisle choosing your latest sunscreen product, you get bombarded with brands and different types of applications. The truth is that it can all get a bit confusing, but in this article, we aim to show you that a sunscreen stick is something you should have in your day bag – even if it’s as well as a bottle of sun lotion.

So, why not jump in with us now as we dive into the subject and explore six big reasons you should have a sun protection stick in your bag? 

Reason #1 – Sunscreen Stick Helps Scars to Heal

If you have any kind of scars, then a stick sunscreen is great because it allows you to build up layers of sunscreen over very small areas, allowing for quicker healing. Simply get the stick and rub it several times over the area for excellent, comprehensive coverage. 

Reason #2 – No Unsightly White Cast Left Behind

While some older types of mineral sunscreen leave behind a white cast that can make you look a little weird, modern sunscreens don’t. As such, a good mineral-based sunscreen stick will allow you to get the protection required without looking like a ghost afterwards!

Reason #3 – They’re a Lot Less Messy

As good as sunscreen is and as much as it has evolved over the years, lotions are the messiest option – of that, there’s little doubt. However, a stick is pretty much mess free, meaning you get the sun protection you need without having to have a clean-up towel nearby. 

Reason #4 – Getting to Those Difficult-to-Reach Spots

A perennial problem for lotion sunscreens over the years has been the fact that applying them to 100% of your body can be tricky. Due to this, people end up getting burnt in areas they’ve failed to cover. However, sunscreen sticks are that much more controllable, allowing you to get to those hard-to-reach parts of your body. 

Reason #5 – It Stops You Getting Lotion in Your Eyes!

When you try and apply lotions around your eyes, needless to say, it can lead to problems relating to splashing. That said, sun stick can be used a little like a large lipstick, allowing you to apply the stuff with extreme precision – the kind you need to get complete coverage. 

Reason #6 – It’s Just So Portable!

Another compelling reason to have a sun stick in your possession is the fact that it can be transported that much more easily than a large bottle of sun lotion. Able to be quickly thrown in your day bag or handbag without taking up too much room, it ensures that you don’t end up leaving it behind when you’re off into the outside world. 

Have You Got a Sunscreen Stick In YOUR Bag?

So, as we can see, when you buy stick sunscreen, you get something that’s less messy, more easily taken with you, and great for getting to hard-to-reach places. It also won’t lead to you getting that stinging sensation that you get when lotion’s in your eyes!

The wisdom of having a stick sunscreen in your bag is obvious, but it’s entirely up to you. What we do know, though, is that if your skin could talk, it would remind you to buy some!