What Is 50-50 Custody? 

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Child custody battles may be exhausting. Therefore it is important to consult an attorney to get help with child support. You may wonder what happens next if you have consented to or have a court order for shared custody. “Joint” custody refers to a kid’s physical and legal custody. Physical custody dictates where the kid lives and who is responsible for them on a daily basis.

Joint physical custody, sometimes 50/50, is when the kid spends roughly equal time with each parent. However, there are various child custody agreements that might provide for 50/50 or shared parenting time. There is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to child custody.

The key advantages of sharing significant decision-making responsibilities 

Shared 50/50 custody can relate to two parental obligations: major decision-making responsibilities and parenting time. Regarding major decision-making tasks, it often proves advantageous for parents to share these obligations equally. Since the parents have equally shared important decision-making obligations, neither one of them is solely accountable for making a major decision about the child’s well-being or upbringing, and both parents will be aware that they have played an equal role in making decisions that can have a significant impact on the child’s future.

Advantages of 50/50 parenting time 

When parents split parenting time 50/50, which means they each spend roughly half of the week, or half of each month or year, with their kid, there can be benefits for both the parents and the child, such as:

  • Each parent may enjoy the benefits of raising the kid and spending as much time with the child regularly.
  • The kid can spend equal time with and learn from both parents.
  • As an adult, the kid will learn to acclimatize well to two distinct home settings and may become more adaptable to changes in living arrangements.
  • Parenting time will be simple and surprises-free when the family follows a 50/50 plan.

Potential drawbacks of 50/50 parenting time 

While 50/50 custody provides advantages in certain family settings, it is crucial to note that parental responsibility allocation should take into account the individual variables of each child custody case on an individual basis and make use of the flexibility under parental responsibility legislation.

When parents live far apart, for example, and the child has to travel a long distance to school while living with one parent, the disadvantages of a 50/50 arrangement may exceed the benefits. You should speak with a child custody lawyer who can assist you with the unique facts of your case.

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