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The best Netflix dramas are not just the ones that you watch all the time. They are the ones that you’ll watch on repeat, that you’ll be interested in the whole time and that you’ll want to share with friends.

O Poderoso Chefao e O Grande Gatsby

When you look at the list of the best series on Netflix this year, there are a few shows that stand out. Among them are O Poderoso Chefao: Parte III and Vincenzo.

The first of the two is a historical crime drama that reminds you of O Grande Gatsby. It follows the story of aging Michael Corleone and his attempts to save his family and the crime organization worddocx.

O Poderoso Chefao:Parte III was directed by Francis Ford Coppola. Al Pacino is a legendary actor who has been in the film industry for more than five decades. He has also been recognized with numerous awards.

There is a strong female friendship in The Notebook. Elijah Wood has a similar look to Daniel Radcliffe.

A Little Reunion

A Little Reunion has had a boffo run. The 49-episode series was the best-performing dorama of the year and earned an average of 9.2 million viewers per episode. At a price point of about $8 for the season’s first three episodes, it’s not hard to see why. Its high production values and star power are a plus. With a stellar cast of stars like Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Tao Hong and the incomparable Paul Wesley, the show’s top notch talent certainly won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Of course, it’s not all work and no play, so do yourself a favor and take a peek at a few of the aforementioned stars’ recent resemblances.

‘Esta bien no estar bien’

The Netflix original ‘It’s Okay to Not Be Okay’ is not the only one in town. In fact, it’s been getting a lot of attention in Korea. For a while now, there’s been talk of the drama being the K-Drama of the year.

Despite all the adulation, the Netflix original hasn’t been renewed for a second season. Instead, it’s a hit in Latin America, Asia and Europe. It’s also been a top 10 hit in a number of countries, including the US and Russia. With more than 1 million subscribers worldwide, ‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay’ is a streaming sensation.

This Korean drama is the brainchild of writer Jo Yong. His previous work included the critically acclaimed ‘The Night Manager’. ‘It’s Okay to Not Being Okay’ is a surcorean television series that combines elements of the romantic, comic and intrigue genres, all in one package. Aside from the usual sex and plot, it also explores mental health and emotional healing starsworldnews.com.

‘Crash Landing on You’

The Korean drama Crash Landing on You was released on Netflix last year. It features a story about two people falling in love. This romantic drama is very popular among viewers in South Korea.

Crash Landing on You stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye-jin. Both of these actors are known for their performances. Previously, they appeared in the K-drama series Gu Seung-jun.

The plot of Crash Landing on You follows the relationship between an elite North Korean soldier, Ri Jung-hyuk, and a wealthy South Korean heiress, Yoon Se-ri. In the series, Yoon Se-ri ends up blown over the border and into North Korea.

Although North Koreans are generally depicted as sympathetic, this romantic drama portrays their character in a way that is completely different. The romance between the two is portrayed by light friction and longing looks.

‘Misaeg: Incomplate Life’

Misaeg: Incomplete Life is a Netflix original film. It is based on the popular online comic “Misaeng” by Yoon Tae Ho. The resulting show is a look at the sexy life of a salary man in South Korea. While the plot may be familiar, the cast is an impressive collection of talent. One of the best is Im Si Wan who plays the title character Jang Geu Rae buxic.

Unlike many of its predecessors, this series is not limited to its native country. It was first screened on tvN, but has since found a home on the Netflix Luxembourg. This is the first time the ‘Incomplete Life’ has been shown on a streaming service outside of South Korea.

‘Um rei viaja para um mundo paralelo’

A parallel universe is a mystical place where two or more worlds are merged. This usually means that the two worlds are very different, although they are governed by the same physics and have similarities newstodaysworld.com.

Various science fiction shows have dealt with this theme, most notably The Flash. It has been described as a “mirror” of the real world, but a parallel one.


The concept of parallel universes is not new, but it has only recently been considered in scientific circles. Previously, it was only ridiculed. However, it is now being seriously discussed and has gathered credibility. In a parallel universe, an individual would encounter a “swapped” personality, and would be able to travel back and forth between different time periods techlognews.com.