Maximizing Efficiency with Torii SaaS Management

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The latest venture capital fund raised by MillerTechcrunch is for 21 Torii, a startup that provides users with the ability to make and take photos of people. It has received a Series B funding round from investors including SVenture Capital, SoftBank Vision Fund, and FirstMark Capital. These investors are looking to invest in companies with a strong product and a solid business plan.


With over 300 percent revenue growth, Israel-based Torii is the largest automated SaaS management platform in the world. Its customers include Instacart, Bumble, Carrier Corporation, and Athletic Greens. They have a vision for the future of SaaS management.

Torii offers an all-in-one solution that gives IT managers and CIOs complete visibility into enterprise SaaS spend and security. With its data-driven approach, Torii matches millions of data points from disparate sources, creating a unified software graph. This gives users the ability to see all apps and take action on the right ones automatically. The company also protects sensitive data flowing through third-party applications.

Series B funding round

Torii, the SaaS management platform for the enterprise, has raised a whopping $65 million in total funding from investors such as Tiger Global Management, Wing Venture Capital, and Uncork Capital. This is a significant milestone for the startup, as it came just one year after it raised $10 million in Series A funding. Earlier investors such as Bumble and the Global Founders Club participated in this round, which is expected to propel the company to the next level.

Torii is an all-in-one, automated cloud app management platform that centralizes all software on your device and makes it easy to manage all your apps and devices. It also allows you to see all of the applications and make intelligent decisions about which to use and which to discard. In a nutshell, it’s a SaaS management solution designed for the enterprise that keeps the whole company in sync. Whether you’re at work or on the road, the platform can save you hundreds of hours of manpower by ensuring that you’re using the right apps at the right time.

Best in Biz Award

Torii’s recent win of the Best in Biz Award is a testament to their customer-first philosophy. With a focus on customer education, 90% of requests are resolved within less than two hours of receiving them. This translates to customers gaining the most value from Torii’s platform.

The award was given out in two separate programs, with a total of 700 entries from public and private companies. Winners were chosen from a wide variety of categories, including Best New Product, Fastest Growing Company, Marketing Executive, Website, and Company of the Year.

Impact on the market

There is a new breed of technology company, a SaaS management platform that enables organizations to control their cloud spend and protect sensitive data flowing through known applications. This company is called Torii. Its orchestration engine can automate any internal IT process. With the help of this software, organizations can reduce hundreds of hours spent on manual operations. And 80% of customer requests are resolved within two hours.

Torii’s customers are satisfied with the company’s quality of support. The team is dedicated to the company’s mission. Moreover, it offers customers a commitment to ensuring that the value of its SaaS management solution is maximized. As a result, Torii has a 97% customer satisfaction rating for quality of support.

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