Questions to ask before hiring a visa lawyer

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Immigration laws are the legal terminology that can make you jumble between complicated paperwork. Identifying the correct visa type for you, applying accurately, preparing all the essential documentation and filing it so that you receive your visa on time, it may seem simple but is more difficult than you think. Even after utmost care, many visa applications are put on hold or denied because of a minor mistake that the immigration department can spot. So how to assure yourself that you will be able to receive your visa in the desired time? click here. But how to hire a good one? Here is how:

What are their credentials?

The primary question you should be asking an immigration attorney is where they completed their law school. Knowing from where they got their degree and researching the credibility of the law university will help you determine if they have a strong educational background.

What are the years of experience?

You may come across many immigration attorneys who are practicing law in the field currently. But years of practice is an essential criterion. More the years they have been in business, the more knowledge they hold and this way you can rely on them for your immigration process. 

Have they handled similar cases?

Sometimes you may be in a situation, where you are facing repeated visa denials or your status has been put on hold. Or there are some litigations in your visa approval. In such scenarios, you would need an attorney who has handled similar cases and knows how to resolve your issue. So, you must ask the immigration attorney if they have handled such a case and what is their approach towards your case.

What are their fees?

You don’t want to get in a situation where after your case is resolved you are slapped with a billing amount that is way beyond your budget. So you must have a proper and detailed conversation about the fees of the immigration attorney. 

An immigration attorney is someone who has in-depth knowledge of immigration laws.  They should be aware of every minute detail and all the legal terminology of immigration laws. After hiring an immigration attorney you should be relieved of the stress rather than increase it. So select an immigration attorney after proper research and screening. If you have an excellent attorney assisting you, the complex process of a visa can be simplified. And this is the reason why it is advisable you get help from a professional instead of doing it yourself. 

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