The relevance of hiring an employment discrimination lawyer in NJ

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“Discrimination” is a broad term. Just because you believe your employer has mistreated you doesn’t mean you have a valid discrimination case, at least not in many circumstances. In New Jersey, your employer can choose to terminate your contract at will, but that doesn’t mean it is a case of wrongful termination. A case of employment discrimination is typically related to a “protected class” or “protected conduct.” For instance, if you were fired from the job because of your age, race, gender, or sexual orientation, you may have a case. 

Expectedly, discrimination lawsuits are complex and often hard to understand. You need legal consultation, and in this post, we are discussing the relevance of hiring an employment discrimination lawyer in NJ. 

Know your case

As we mentioned, the intricacies of discrimination lawsuits can be extensively unique, and you need an employment lawyer to determine whether you are in a protected class. Some cases are relatively easy to review – For example, if you were fired from work because you announced your pregnancy, it is a clear case of discrimination. However, just because you are part of a protected group doesn’t essentially mean you can win a lawsuit against your employer. An employment lawyer’s first and foremost role is to determine whether your employer was wrong and if you have a case. You need solid evidence to win the lawsuit, and your lawyer will help prove the discriminatory intent of your employer. 

Gathering evidence

This brings us to the next point, which is about finding evidence to prove discriminatory intent. Employers are aware of the at-will employment rule, and therefore, it is implausible the company would do something that would count as foolish. However, lawyers are aware of what it takes to establish the motive. For instance, if you were fired because your performance was not up to the mark, but the last ratings given by HR say otherwise, you already have substantial evidence. Experienced employment lawyers know what it takes to gather documents and take witness depositions. They will make the necessary discovery to find whatever details are relevant to your case. Not to forget, they will also represent you during negotiations and at trial, which is another task that requires considerable work and skills. 

Don’t let your employer get away with wrongdoing – At the least, meet an employment lawyer to understand what you can do for your situation. Call a lawyer now!

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