Vendia: The Future of Decentralized Cloud Computing

Vendia is a platform that lets people share data and code with partners in real time. It combines blockchain technology with serverless computing to help companies work with their data spread across multiple clouds and platforms. This as-a-service model also eliminates the need to manage cloud resources biographypark.

Custom solutions

Vendia has recently expanded its offerings to additional cloud providers. These include Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Vendia has already launched a new pay-as-you-go self-service pricing plan, allowing customers to deploy custom solutions in weeks instead of months. Vendia will also add new customer solutions in 2023, bringing it into more industries than just financial services.

Vendia’s as-a-service model means there is no need to hire engineers to build and maintain the underlying systems. Customers can simply connect to Vendia’s network and start sharing data and code with their partners in minutes. wikibiofacts Famous Peoples Biography, Family, Net Worth

Vendia’s customers include BMW, United Natural Foods, and Best Friends Animal Society. While Vendia’s focus is on companies and data, its services also help enterprises train machine learning, settle financials, and process transactions. It is currently in early testing with its first customers.

Worked on projects

Vendia’s co-founders include Shruthi Rao, an veteran who served as a general manager in AWS’s blockchain division. She worked on projects like Lambda and the Amazon Managed Blockchain. The company has been backed by venture capital firms Aspenwood Ventures and Canvas Ventures.

Vendia has been able to achieve 900 percent year-over-year revenue growth, which is impressive. Vendia has received additional funding from Sorenson Capital and Neotribe. They are planning to enter the multicloud data aggregation market.

Vendia’s team has built a community of developers, technologists, and data scientists. They are focused on building powerful real-time data-sharing apps that address the challenges businesses face. They are a group of people who have a shared vision and are committed to fostering a positive work environment.

Designed to solve

Vendia focuses on the three waves of problems businesses face when sharing data. Historically, they’ve been challenged with onboarding new partners. There are security concerns, the need to maintain a single source of truth, and Day 1000 issues. Each of these is a problem that the platform has been designed to solve.

Vendia’s platform helps businesses solve these problems by providing a secure, scalable, and reliable solution. Vendia’s as-a-service approach eliminates the costs of infrastructure and computing, and allows companies to get up and running quickly.

Interested in trying

Vendia has built a community of users and developers who are creating powerful apps on the platform. Companies that are interested in trying out Vendia can visit the company’s website to read about the different use cases and the benefits they can gain. By working with Vendia, companies can securely share their data, code, and other assets with their partners trendingbird.

Vendia’s solution spans the automotive, hospitality, and travel industries. Its mobile application collects inspection and video information and uploads it to a database for later processing.

Vendia is fast-tracking its go-to-market strategy. It is expanding its platform to other cloud service providers, and has a growing engineering team. It is focusing on improving user experience and reducing time to market net worth.