Why Choose Chudovo For Mobile App Development?

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Since 2006, Chudovo – international software Development Company based in Kyiv, Ukraine has been successfully finishing hundreds of projects in video security, logistics, and medicine, finance and telecommunication industries. With dozens of man-years experience in developing thermalized software, they are experts in their field. Read more https://chudovo.de/android-app-entwicklung/.

Chudovo develops Android apps that offer superior security and professional performance, ensuring reliable functionality for businesses worldwide. Their highly-qualified developers are dedicated to implementing Material Design, which offers professional businesses an engaging and user-friendly design that is easy to use.

We are a team of experts

Mobile applications can revolutionize your business model and operations, connecting you with your team and customers anywhere, anytime. We offer comprehensive development services to ensure that your app is secure and performs reliably.

Chudovo is a team of experts, with extensive experience in custom software development. Our team works with a variety of platforms, including native Android, iOS and web technologies.

We specialize in creating their apps for professional businesses. Using Material Design, we design and develop Android apps that are engaging and easy to use for your audience.

We are based in Kyiv, Ukraine and operate worldwide. We have been working on the market since 2006. Our team has domain expertise in video security, logistics, and medicine, finance and telecommunication industries. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects in these areas, requiring hundreds of man-years of effort. Our clients benefit from our expert knowledge and our proven track record of success. We work hard to deliver high-quality solutions that meet the expectations of our clients and their end users.

We have a proven track record

Mobile apps have a huge impact on how businesses operate and connect with their customers. From enhancing productivity to increasing brand awareness, these apps can help businesses of all sizes achieve their goals and increase ROI.

A key consideration when choosing an app developer is the company’s track record. Typically, the best studios will make their portfolio available to you online so that you can see if they’ve produced similar apps before.

Chudovo is an international software development company with main offices in Kyiv, Cologne, New York and Tallinn, which has been operating on the market since 2006. They have a strong domain expertise in video security, logistics, and medicine, finance and telecommunication industries, having spent hundreds of man-years on developing thermalized software for these fields.

Chudovo’s agile team streamlined workflow and communication, delivering high-quality deliverables on time. Their commitment to deadlines, excellent project management skills and extensive pool of qualified resources have made them a trusted partner for us.

We are flexible

Whether you’re looking to create an app for your business or want to upgrade your existing one, the team at CHUDOVO is ready to help. We can take your concept and turn it into a functional mobile application that will help you grow your business and increase revenue.

Our mobile development experts can design and build an Android app that’s both engaging and functional for your audience. We can also integrate your app with popular tools and services, such as in-app purchases, ensuring you’re on the cutting edge of your industry.

Our team has been providing specialized software solutions to the world’s most prominent enterprises since 2006. We have successfully completed hundreds of projects, notably a few in the video security, logistics, and medicine and finance industries. With a solid track record of innovation, quality and functionality, we are the best choice for your next app development project. The best way to start is by calling us today!

We are reliable

Chudovo is a town on the River in the Russian Republic of Novgorod, equidistant from St Petersburg and Novgorod. The town lies on the federal M10 Highway, which connects Moscow and St Petersburg.

It is an important railway junction, where the Moscow-St. Petersburg Railway (inaugurated in 1851) meets the branch. The latter was opened on July 12, 1878, but the segment beyond Novgorod was destroyed during World War II and never restored.


The town is renowned for its connection with the Tale of Andrew the Apostle’s Russian Pilgrimage, a story about Andrew reaching the center of River and placing his pole in the ground, blessing the land. In nearby, a church built of stone in the 16th century is also attributed to the Apostle.

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