A Tale of Two Giants: How Facebook and Apple Have Changed the World

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Facebook and Apple are at each other’s throats. Apple fortified user privacy in its latest update while Facebook blasted Apple’s decision to limit the number of “conversion events” it can track.

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The update reportedly changed the way Facebook ads are reported, which has left many advertisers scratching their heads. It also caused some users to opt out of tracking on their device, which made it more difficult for the social network to deliver personalized advertisements.

For advertisers looking to increase conversions, Facebook has created a new feature, known as Instant Experiences. These mini landing pages inside the Facebook app allow users to interact with your ad without leaving the social networking site.

Feature is a joystick

This newest feature will appear as regular image ads, along with carousel ads, videos, and more. In addition, it will allow you to add your website URL and pan and zoom with your mouse. Another notable feature is a “joystick” that lets you turn off ad relevancy. By choosing this option, you can make your ads more personalised and less obtrusive.

You may be surprised to learn that iOS isn’t the only platform that’s making these changes. Google Chrome is set to block all third-party cookies in about a year. Other social media sites have likewise adopted similar measures.

In fact, some experts predict that app tracking will be a thing of the past, as will first-party data collection. However, as Apple CEO Tim Cook noted, Facebook’s business model is built around “data exploitation” and tracking. which made it more difficult for the social network to deliver personalized advertisements.

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What is Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to interact with your friends and other users. You can also view your news feed, which is a curated list of posts from your friends. In addition, you can set up pages, or profile pages, that are only visible to certain people.

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