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There are a lot of movies that you can watch online. These include films that have been made in the past and ones that are currently being made. You can find these films on Netflix. However, you should be careful because not all of them are legal. This is why you need to read the details of the movie before you watch it.

Pousando no Amor

Pousando no Amor on Netflix is one of the most popular shows on the platform. This drama series explores the concept of love. Throughout its sixteen episodes, viewers can discover Korean culture.

The story follows Yoon Se-ri, a successful entrepreneur in southern Korea. She is also a sul-corean herder. Her family is one of the most important in Coreia do Sul. However, it seems that they have been split from each other after the Second World War. In order to avoid a rift between them, she proposes to her capitute Ri that she be the director of her foundation.

Pousando no Amor on Netflix retratas the lives of two people: Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-Hyeok. Their relationship is complicated. Although they are separated by politics, they manage to find a way to overcome their differences and find true happiness.

Itaewon Class

Itaewon Class is a Korean drama on Netflix that is based on a webcomic. It features transgender and black characters. The drama is also about sexual discrimination and power imbalances.

Itaewon Class was a hit on the international social media. The show opened the door for Korean society to become more diverse. There were a lot of issues being addressed including racism, sexual orientation, entrepreneurship, and mental health.

Park Sae-ro-yi, the main character, is a high school dropout. His father dies in a car accident. After spending three years in prison for trying to kill a classmate, Sae-ro-yi sets out to create a food company that will overtake the Jangga Group. He meets Jo Yi-seo and develops a love triangle with Oh Soo-ah.

Jardim de Meteoros

Jardim de Meteoros is a Chinese and Japanese romance and comedy film. It is also a remake of the popular Taiwanese manga “Boys Over Flowers”. The plot focuses on a rising star called Dong Shan Cai, played by Shen Yue.

The original Jardim de Meteoros premiered in 2001, but it wasn’t until Netflix picked up the rights that the show began to make its way to the streaming service. Its story is about Dong Shan Cai, a bright, young student at a prestigious university. He’s smart and talented, but he doesn’t really like the F4 Gang, a group of popular boys who live together.

Although the storyline is a little too predictable, the cast is stellar. Darren Chen (Proud of Love), Dylan Wang (Castlevania), Shen Yue (Love Is a Weapon), and Lee Shi Woo (Midnight in Paris) make up a great ensemble.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is a Korean drama about the struggles of the Joseon dynasty. It follows the queen of the kingdom Im Hwa-ryeong and the struggles she faces raising her son, the future King. She is very passionate about her children and faces many hardships every day.

Queen Im Hwa-ryeong is a hot-tempered, prickly queen. But she is also very sensitive and loves her children. The drama follows the power plays that ensue between her and the other women of the court.

The drama will be produced by Kim Hyung-sik, who was behind the SBS dramas “Sign” (2011) and “Ghost” (2012). He is currently directing the Netflix original drama.

As the story progresses, Queen Im Hwa-ryeong becomes more comfortable with her new identity and is not afraid to swear. However, she is still worried about losing her crown prince to the other concubines’ sons.


If you’re a Korean drama buff, you’re probably already in the know, but it’s not all that bad to get a freebie or two when you need one. Unlike a good ole’ fashioned cable TV, you can watch your favorite K-drama anytime, anywhere you like. The only hiccup is the price of the subscription fee. That’s where Netflix and tvN come in. Thankfully, Netflix is big on enlightening its customers with a solid dose of sills with no strings attached. And if you have a snazzy set of tastemakers, well, the sky’s the limit. With Netflix and tvN on your side, you’re not likely to be left in the dust. Just make sure your phone is charged and your credit card in your pocket.