Burning Mouth Syndrome -Causes And Symptoms

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BMS, or Burning Mouth Syndrome, is a medical condition that causes intense burning-like sensations in your mouth. It can be on your lips, cheeks, gums, or tongue. It is mainly felt on your tongue or the roof of your mouth. It can be pretty painful for you, so you must diagnose it and get the appropriate treatment. Although there are no fixed causes as to why it occurs, you can still consult your dentists or some healthcare professional to get treatment, like Sean Sutton DDS.

Types of BMS

You are probably wondering if BMS has any specific causes or not. Well, it is both! There are two types based on the causes:

  • Primary BMS: This is when you have BMS, but there are not really any causes.
  • Secondary BMS: If you have acid reflux, you might probably get BMS. So, if you can treat it, you can get rid of BMS.

Causes of BMS

If it is primary BMS, you cannot identify the exact cause. The doctor or the dentist might perform various tests on you to check if it is primary BMS. They might advise you to take a blood, allergy, or salivary flow test. It will be considered secondary BMS if they do not find any cause despite running all these tests. For secondary BMS, the probable causes might be acid reflux, any medications you might be taking, some allergies you might have, or a mineral deficiency like zinc or iron deficiency you might have. 

Is there any way I can relieve the pain?

Well, yes. You can suck on ice chips or chew gum to relieve the pain. Nevertheless, it is always better to consult a doctor as they might give you the best medications to ease the pain.


You can easily identify if you have BMS. Take a look at these symptoms to know for sure if you have the condition:

  • Obviously, a burning sensation in your mouth that might be in your gums, throat, tongue, the roof of your mouth, or the whole mouth
  • Your mouth will start becoming dry as the salivation decreases. Hence, you will feel like drinking more water.
  • You will feel like your mouth tastes very bad. It will feel like there is a metallic or bitter taste in your mouth. You might also lose taste in your mouth.
  • The symptoms might be regular, chronic, or periodic. You might feel numbness or a stinging sensation too. Do not ignore the symptoms if you feel any!

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