Can A locksmith in Las Vegas open your safe?

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For a lot of people a safe is a basic thing to have, in fact, even being a home it is important to keep our most precious assets with the intention of not losing them by accident or by a robbery that does not necessarily have to be armed or large. Many people pass by your home on a daily basis and without you noticing it, if you have something of small value such as jewelry, money or heirlooms, they can take it.

They are the pinnacle of security, they are supposed to be impenetrable and in fact most if properly installed will be part of the structure of the house, so if you lose the key or the password, you are in big trouble. But luckily, we answered your question in the affirmative: Yes, it is possible to have a locksmith open your safe. But at what cost and under what conditions? Read on, we will tell you in detail. 

A safe: The importance of storing the manufacturer’s documents

There is something fundamental that your locksmith should have explained to you when installing the safe, and that is that it is essential that you always have on hand or saved the specifications of how to open the safe in case of errors or accidents, obviously, this information should be stored in another safe place other than the safe.

You see, there are a lot of types of safes, and these are not like common locks, these have specific ways of locking, storing and opening that can prioritize that the safe can continue to function after opening. So look for this paper before you call the locksmith and determine if:

It is a safe with a mechanical lock, in this case it is very likely that the safe will be left with some kind of damage after opening as it is very delicate and is one of the strongest.

It is a safe with a backup key, many times the manual tells you how to reset it or how to use this “Key” (which is not literal) to open it. Although even with this information you will have to call a locksmith, it is important that you indicate everything you have achieved in order to have a good opening plan, because a bad move can even get it to close more.

Activities that a locksmith can do to help you

The first thing the lock specialist will do is to evaluate the situation you are in to be able to offer you the best option based on that, because as we told you, there are a lot of safes and ways to open them. 

The first thing to do is to determine if the key is really being set correctly and test it, if not, you should opt to change the key, which can vary, but the usual is to make a small hole in the safe, big enough to put a pinky, and enter an endoscope to determine what is going on inside. Through that hole you can put some small tools that will do the opening from the inside, and after that the locksmith will reset the key.

In some cases it is not possible to open the safe with tools without damaging it, because as we mentioned before, these systems are not made to receive failures. But everything will be indicated to you by your locksmith once he is in front of the situation to give a diagnosis.

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