How an Immigration Attorney Can Help with Your U. S. Citizenship Application

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Working with an immigration attorney is a great idea when you apply for U. S. citizenship and look for a path to stay in the country. The process can be quite complicated and time-consuming. Going through the procedures alone can be risky, particularly if you make paperwork-related mistakes. By seeking legal help, you might be able to find a direct path to U. S. citizenship more quickly than when you navigate the legal process by yourself. The following are some ways an immigration attorney can help you:

Know Your Eligibility for Citizenship

To become a U. S. citizen, you must not have any outstanding arrest warrants. Your attorney can help you avoid the disappointment and pain as well as filing fees for a citizenship application that will be denied. Other reasons your application may be denied include inconsistencies in past immigration applications. These consistencies may have subjected you to removal proceedings. Unpaid taxes can also be a reason for denial. A citizenship attorney can spare you the trouble by determining your eligibility from the get-go. 

File the Correct Paperwork

The citizenship and visa process in the U. S. involves lots of paperwork. Whether you want to bring a loved one into the country or stay in the country for good, you must fill out the correct forms and submit them without errors. Otherwise, you could delay the process or even hurt your application. An experienced immigration lawyer knows all the ins and outs of the application process, including the specific paperwork to submit, when to submit it, and the information you need to give. 

Advice You on the Process

Immigration attorneys can help you secure the immigration status you want. Whether you want permanent citizenship or a work permit, a lawyer knows the steps you must take to achieve your immigration goals. A successful application involves taking the right steps, contacting the right people, and submitting the right paperwork.  

Use their Experience

An immigration attorney brings extensive experience to your case. They have gone through the immigration process many times and navigated through different obstacles. With this knowledge, they can better help you with your case. They know who to reach out to for help if necessary.

By knowing your goal, you help your lawyer takes the appropriate steps to strengthen your case and become a U. S. citizen. They can also help you set some expectations from the timeline and outcome, ensuring you know what’s ahead. 

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