How can gynecologic care help you and your partner in your marriage?

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When you’re planning on getting married, you need to include a lot of essential things in your checklist. Amidst skin care, wedding ring, outfit, and venue planning, people often overlook an important aspect: contacting anna barbieri md the gynecologist.

Most people forget that having a routine exam by visiting their gynecologist is beneficial for them and their partner. A gynecologist is a medical professional responsible for treating issues associated with the reproductive system. Here’s how a gynecologist can help you and your partner in your marriage. 

  • Contraception: Your sexual activity will increase once you get married. Therefore, it’s extremely important to choose contraception that would help you prevent unwanted pregnancies. Pills can save you from unwanted pregnancies if consumed properly. Remember that contraceptive pills are not good for reproductive health and can cause side effects. They can degrade your physical and mental health if consumed for a long time. A gynecologist can help you choose the perfect birth control pill and educate your partner to follow safe sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancies. 
  • Menstruation: Make sure you discuss the possible symptoms of painful periods, irregular periods, and PCOS with your gynecologist so that they can help you address these issues effectively, either with treatments or with medications. If you think your period date will fall on your wedding day, you need to visit a gynecologist at least two months before. Instead of popping harmful pills that are dangerously preventative, a gynecologist will help you know what you need to do so that you don’t suffer from discomfort on your wedding day. 
  • Pre-Pregnancy Planning: Only you and your partner will decide when you’re going to have a baby. As this is one of the biggest decisions in your life, you will need to plan everything in advance so that the process doesn’t become overwhelming later. From financial to emotional, having a child means a lot of responsibilities. It’s recommended that both you and your partner visit a gynecologist for the pre-pregnancy counseling season. They will help you and your partner know that you both are on the same page. They will also evaluate both of your sexual desires to ensure none of you are unhealthy. They will give suggestions for the best pregnancy period. 

Here’s how a gynecologist can help you and your partner in marriage. Contact a gynecologist who is professional, experienced, and licensed. A knowledgeable gynecologist will answer all your questions. 

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