How to Use TOR HD to Surf the Web Without Paying a Dime

The fabled TOR HD is an excellent choice for your browsing needs. From its high-definition UI to its oomph factor, you can’t go wrong. It’s a safe bet you’ll be happy to have it around for quite some time. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of its many features without compromising your privacy. Moreover, it’s a free service. This entitles you to a plethora of features without the hefty price tag that usually goes hand in hand with using a VPN.

Using TOR HD, you’ll be able to experience the internet like the pros, at a fraction of the cost. Specifically, you’ll be able to access the internet on a Mac or PC without the complication that accompanies a standard broadband connection. As for security, you’re in good hands thanks to a top-notch security and privacy team.

TOR HD on Your MacBook

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How to Surf the Internet

Tor is a privacy tool which allows people to surf the Internet anonymously. It hides user’s IP addresses from websites, allowing eavesdroppers to not know which end of a communication is being intercepted.

The DarkNet is a group of sites and services which are only available to Tor users. It also contains hidden services, such as email and instant messaging, that are not available from your web browser.

Guarantee protection

Tor’s main function is to hide your browsing history, but it is not always 100% secure. It does not guarantee protection from malicious websites or abusive partners. So, if you’re using it, you should be aware of these risks.

To avoid being tracked, you should make sure you only use Tor Browsers which are certified as secure. You should also make sure to only download documents from sites that are encrypted with HTTPS. Also, if you’re downloading documents from a site that’s not HTTPS, you’ll need to be careful about the type of software you’re installing.

Tor does run slowly, so you might not want to use it immediately. However, it is a great tool for people who need a lot of anonymity. There are other tools for this purpose, as well.