Important Reasons Why You Should Consider Dot/ Non-dot Mobile Drug Testing

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Unfortunately, drug and alcohol use still affects many employees and even students. Many types of research indicate that substance abuse is rising and cause devastating consequences to employers and employees. However, Robbinsdale drug testing provides a comprehensive and flexible option to assess illegal substances in the body.

With the increased drug and substance abuse rate, getting routine tests is essential. Unlike traditional in-office drug testing, you can now benefit from on-site drug testing. The following are five benefits of on-site drug testing.

1. Offers flexibility

Lack of ease of access and convenience makes many people avoid getting drug tests. Fortunately, mobile drug testing services offer increased flexibility for employers and employees. This allows them to complete their tests and return to work immediately.

On-site drug testing providers quickly handle everything, eliminating the need for you to micromanage your drug testing program. Mobile testing entails full-time services to accommodate those working night shifts or weekends. In the case of reasonable suspicion testing, these mobile services can help.

2. Reduced downtime

On-site drug testing can be more cost-effective. Because of the flexible scheduling, mobile testing saves you time and money. This means you don’t have to send your personnel for testing only to be gone for hours, thus costing you mileage, wages, and loss of productivity.

Each employee takes a few minutes to complete their tests. Also, they can head back to work as they await their test results. This process is far less disruptive for the entire team and less costly for the employer.

3. Assurance of uncompromised tests or test results

With on-site testing, workers don’t have to wait in queues with their specimens. This has, for unaccounted times, led to tampering with the original samples. Some employees find in-office drug testing as an opportunity to compromise the final results.

In most cases, employees compromise their test results for fear of losing their jobs or positions. However, on-site drug testing eliminates the loopholes found in the facility testing procedures. Your workers will be walking straight to the collection site, thus reducing compromise possibilities.

4. Fewer missed or delayed tests

Sending your workers to the collection site results to missed or delayed tests. Also, the chances of losing employee specimens increase when sent to the testing facilities. Fortunately, mobile drug testing brings the facility to your workplace.

On-site testing automatically reduces the chances of altered specimens or delayed results. Also, it’s improbable that your target employees will miss out during testing. Mobile testing allows the employer to get the most accurate results.

5. Encourages higher participation

Mobile drug testing reaches a large number making it significant for the entire workforce. Testing many people at the same time also saves time and reduces non-participants. Typically, on-site drug testing requires no compromised logistics.

Increased participation at the same time comes with eliminating compromised results. For some establishments, routine drug testing is necessary, and mobile testing services play a significant role. Mobile drug testing is your ideal option if you’d like to have a large group of people tested.

Having many people get tested once allows you to negotiate for a subsidized rate. Mobile drug testing is cost-effective, quick, and provides realistic results. Indeed, its benefits outweigh the disadvantages.

Do you seek to have drug testing done soon? If so, don’t hesitate to consider mobile drug testing. Schedule your appointment soon enough!

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