The Facts You Should Know About Minimally Invasive Surgery in Woodlands

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As the term suggests, varied medical techniques are used by surgeons to reduce the size of the cuts or incisions they make during surgery. It is safer than open surgery, and there are high chances of the wounds or cuts healing soon. 

Today, in established modern hospital facilities in The Woodlands, some of the surgeries are performed using robotic technology for safer and successful treatment. You can have minimally invasive surgery the woodlands by consulting skilled surgeons practicing at Premier General and Colorectal Surgery. Their advanced medical approach to surgery includes laparoscopic as well as robotic surgery that provides desired results at a faster phase. 

It is safer and easier to heal compared to open-cut surgery. The tools used for this kind of surgery are quite small, and cameras or lights are fitted inside the cuts to allow the surgeon to operate easily. Hence, there is no need to make large cuts during surgery, which takes time to heal and promotes side effects. 

Robotic surgery

  • It is done by an electronic operating station, which is similar to a computer. It helps the doctor to control the camera and the robotic arms that are performing the surgery.
  • The surgery is done under the influence of anesthesia. The required number of small incisions are made during the surgery to insert the tools into the body by the robotic arms. The camera and the light are inserted to see the inside body parts clearly. 
  • The operation would be done by the robotic arms throughout and stitching the cuts once the operation is done. 
  • Robotic surgery is used to treat tumors present in the lungs, repair the heart valves, kidney blockage, cancer, and many more. It is even used for kidney transplants or the removal of the uterus.
  • The prime benefits are less loss of blood, less pain, minimal risk of infection, and lesser damage to skin tissues.

Non-robotic minimally invasive surgery doesn’t involve robot arms, and the whole surgery is performed by surgeons using their hands. The surgeries done are the same as robotic surgery. The only difference is that non-robotic surgery is done for treating health issues related to neurology and spine. 

These surgeries are becoming popular as they are safe, easier to do the operation, and the success rate is high. The post-surgery healing time is shorter, the quality of life after surgery improves, and there are fewer chances of experiencing any long-lasting side effects. Hence, no need to worry when doctors in Woodland suggest minimally invasive surgery.  

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