Top 5 Mutant Superheroes

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There are many various types of mutants. However, when we talk about the mutants from Marvel Comics, there are, in fact, two main differences.

A mutant that is a part of the X-Men group is an evolved version of us humans, homo sapiens, which is why we call them homo sapiens superior.

Yet, there is another way of becoming a mutant, and that is through exposure to outside stimuli or energies. These mutants include the Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, the Fantastic Four, etc.

The main difference between these two types is found in their biology. One is born with the ”gift,” the genetic marker, and the other is not.

Now that we have covered the main dissimilarity, it is vital to mention that today we will talk about the ‘born this way’ mutants.

Why? – You might ask. Because while the rest are strong, among the homo superiors, there is a fraction called Omega-level mutants. They are considered one of the strongest and baddest of them all.

Jean Grey

In the beginning, a part of the original X-Men, Jean was a sweet and caring person who became a villain that could easily destroy worlds. Although she seems, and at times is menacing, she evolved with her powers and ultimately did much more good than evil.

While she had a seemingly minor yet powerful ability of telekinesis, the comics later also revealed her telepathic powers. However, her mentor, Charles Xavier, suppressed them for a long time. The reasoning was that they were too hard for Jean to control.

Over time, everyone became aware of how remarkably talented she was. Due to this, Jean was deemed worthy of the Phoenix Force. This new power allowed her to resurrect herself at will and also tremendously boosted her other powers.

Magneto (Erik Lehnsherr)

Considered more of an anti-hero in modern times, Magneto had a tough start, shaping him into the man he became. He was born in the late 1920s as Max Eisenhardt in a German Jewish family and later went by the alias Erik Lehnsherr.

With the rise of the Nazis through the passing of the Nuremberg Laws in 1935, and Kristallnacht, Erik’s family fled to Poland. There they were captured and taken to concentration camps. Being the sole survivor pushed him towards mutant supremacy.

Erik always considered mutants superior to humans, which is why he was at one point known as the mutant terrorist Magneto, as he always placed mutant lives over human lives.

He is famous for his powers of magnetism, which contain all aspects of electromagnetism. They allow him to manipulate electricity and light, rearrange matter by affecting atomic bonds, and control Earth’s polarity, electromagnetic energy, and radiation.

Legion (David Haller)

As they say – “Like father, like son.” Except in this case, they are alike, but only in power. David is the son of Charles Xavier, whom he had with an asylum patient, Gabrielle Haller.

David’s powers manifested after a traumatic experience he endured when his stepfather was killed in a terrorist attack. He incinerated the minds of all terrorists, but in the process, he absorbed the leader’s mind, Jemail Karami.

This resulted in him developing multiple personalities over time, each with an ability of its own. His first personality, Karami, was telepathic. Other personalities included those with powers such as reality and time manipulation, pyrokinesis, telekinesis, teleportation, and many more.

Hope Summers

Scarlet Witch turned 198 mutants into regular humans during the Decimation event. After this, Hope was the first mutant to be born. She became a prophesied messianic figure meant to save mutants and humans.

Her abilities enable her to manipulate and mimic other mutants’ powers. Once she gains the power, she can command it, use it to its full potential, and even amplify it further than the original holder.

Hope is also able to wield multiple abilities at once. She can augment, jumpstart and even regulate other mutants’ powers, which allows them to have better control over them and even reach their full strength.

Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert)

Kevin was the son of Moira MacTaggert, an X-Man associate, and her menacing husband, Joseph MacTaggert.

When his abilities started manifesting, he kept craving energy, making him extremely dangerous. For this reason, his mother confined him at her Mutant Research Centre on Muir Island. However, they couldn’t contain him for long, and he escaped and wreaked havoc on the other X-Men.

He could warp reality, possess bodies, and have telepathic abilities. All of these made him one of the deadliest and strongest mutants ever to exist.

While his powers were mighty, they also destroyed his physical body. This meant he had to possess others often, which he could do since he was comprised of pure energy. The only weakness he had was with inorganic materials, metal in particular.

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